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All I ask is to give me a chance to explain my system and how I back up the lofty claims made above...

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At Peak Injury Solutions We Fix Unresolved Neck and Shoulder Pain Without The Use of Drugs, Surgeries or Injections.

Neck Pain

The most common cause for neck pain that we see in our office comes from prolonged hours in poor posture on screens. Regardless of the cause of your neck or head pain, our doctors will find the root source and then discuss with you our natural pain relief techniques that can help alleviate your discomfort long-term

Shoulder Pain

There are many different factors that can lead to shoulder pain ranging from accidents to overuse injuries. This pain can also lead to further pain in other parts of the body, including neck pain, elbow pain and even back pain. Finding the cause of the pain is the key to the treatment working.
You Benefit From the Use of the Latest, Advanced Techniques...
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Strategic & Personalized Nutrition Plan
We Take the Guessing Game Out of Nutrition
Solving the problem of chronic inflammation through nutrition has always been a guessing game. People use strategies like cleanses, elimination diets and cut out food groups all together. The problem with nutrition is there is no one size fits all approach so what works for one person may not work for the next. All of the strategies and diets are trial and error and are completely frustrating. 

To top it all off, if you pick the wrong one for yourself, you can cause major damage to your metabolism and overall health. At Peak, we take the guessing game out of nutrition. We utilize cutting edge and state of the art technology that tests your specific gut microbiome and tells you exactly what foods your body will thrive on and which ones are causing your chronic inflammation.
Why the Gut is the Answer to Chronic Inflammation.
Microbiome Science has been studied for a long time, but the research that has come out in recent years is definitively showing how important the gut is in overall health. Researchers are finding correlations with chronic inflammation to diseases like: 

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Depression, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and it even has links to Colorectal Cancer and Parkinson's Disease. Our bodies all have a unique composition and makeup of over 40 trillion microorganisms on and inside of them. The majority of these microorganisms live in our gut and in our colon. 

What we put into our bodies is literally what fuels us and gives us energy. Historically, we have all been told that there are certain foods that are seen universally as healthy foods and some that are inversely seen as universally unhealthy. 

This is where the major problem with current diet and inflammation reduction programs comes in. 

Everyone is different.
Why Everyone is Different...
Each person has a unique combination of microorganisms in their gut. These microorganisms directly affect how you metabolize food, so foods that are healthy for one person may not be healthy for the next. 

This knowledge of what is healthy and what is not based on the individual's microbiome makeup is what we use as the basis for all of our nutritional plans. This completely takes the guess work out of reducing inflammation through proper and personalized nutrition.
This is How We Do It:
Step 1: At Home Test Kit
In the first step we test the individual's gut microbiome composition by utilizing an at home test that is very simple. The results that come from this test tell us exactly what foods and nutrients your microbiome will flourish on. It will also tell us what foods are toxic and will cause inflammation.
Step 2: Go Over Results With Our Doctors and Develop a Personalized Plan
The results from the at home test kit will be uploaded to an app for your convenience. The app is extremely user friendly and will list all foods in the following 3 categories:

-Green: What foods are great for your microbiome
-Yellow: Foods that are not optimal and should be minimized
-Red: Foods to avoid at all costs

This information will be reviewed together with one of our Doctors and a custom nutrition plan will be developed. After the plan is put in place, there will be follow up appointments, emails, phone calls and texts that will help keep the patient accountable to their plan. 
Step 3: Re-Testing the Microbiome
Included in the patient's plan will be a re-test of the microbiome. The process will be the same as the original test and the process will be repeated back from step 1. The reason this is necessary is that your gut will adjust according to the new foods that you are feeding it. This will create an entire new microbiome makeup and it is necessary to make adjustments. As the patient gets more and more stable, there will be more time in between tests. 
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Rehabilitative Strength & Stability
Strength and functional movement are paramount when it comes to long term health and injury prevention or rehabilitation. The problem with the system today is not the movements themselves or the program people are doing. The problem is the order that movement is prescribed in the life of the injury itself. 

Most programs and practitioners put movement as the first thing to do when an injury or pathology is a problem. The issue here is that if an area of your body is not functioning properly, movement to that area will only exacerbate the problem. This is like driving your car around with the check engine light on. Sure the car will keep driving even with the minor problem the light came on for. But if that problem isn't addressed, it will create a bigger issue down the road. 

The first step should be to restore function to the dysfunctional area first, then add the strength and functional movement piece. This will ensure the optimal outcome for the patient and will provide the best chance for long term success. 
When A Patient is Ready for Pillar III...
-Functional movement protocols specific to the original injured area will be programmed to strengthen the tissue and support the effected joint. Our office has a space dedicated to this where all programmed movements will be demonstrated and reviewed. There will also be office visits solely dedicated to doing these strength exercises. 

-A time efficient home plan will be developed specifically for each patient that can be performed with minimal equipment

-If the patient is currently working out at a gym or with a trainer, the prescribed movements are completed as part of their program. We will also communicate with the trainer/coach to make sure everyone is on the same page with the patient's progress.
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